Independent Toyota, Lexus, Scion Auto Service & Repair
539 SE 122nd Ave. Portland, OR. 97233
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Independent Toyota, Lexus, Scion Auto Service & Repair
539 SE 122nd Ave.
Portland, OR. 97233
Hours: M-F 8AM-5PM

Complimentary Vehicle Inspection

Several decades ago, my wife and I got stranded on our honeymoon with car problems. An axle bearing failed, which then caused our brakes to fail – and this on the curvy, mountainous roads along the Oregon coast! We survived, but a little forethought on my part could have saved us a lot of trouble and greatly reduced our risk.

A close Inspection by Professionals Can Prevent Loads of Trouble!
We are offering you an opportunity to benefit from our experience. We are offering to give your vehicles a close inspection. This enables you to be as sure as possible that the cars you and your loved ones drive continue to provide the safe, dependable transportation you need and expect.

Some of our customers are quite tech savvy. Most are not. In either case we will review the inspection results, recommended action, and sense of priority in language you understand.

Be Proactive in Your Car Care
Many things in life aren’t urgent – they are simply important. But because they aren’t urgent, we have to make deliberate decisions to take action in a timely manner before what was simply important becomes a crisis due to inattention.

Your Toyota’s long-term health is like that. Warning lights should be diagnosed and addressed as they occur, even in instances where the condition that caused the warning light is relatively benign.

We’d also love to help you to keep abreast of your vehicle’s needs through scheduled preventative maintenance (vital fluid changes / tune-ups / timing belts / 30k / 60k / 90k / 120k services / etc).

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