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Complimentary Inspection Coupon for any work done.

integrity complimentary vehicle inspection coupon

Is your vehicle receiving the care it needs to continue to provide the safe, reliable transportation you want?

Thirty-two years ago my wife and I got stranded on our honeymoon with car problems. An axle bearing failed, which then caused our brakes to fail. We survived, but a little forethought on my part could have saved us a lot of trouble and greatly reduced our risk.

A close inspection by professionals can prevent loads of trouble! We are offering you an opportunity to benefit from our experience. We are offering to give your vehicles the close inspection that enables you to be as sure as possible that the cars you and your loved ones drive continue to provide the safe, dependable transportation you need and expect.


Complimentary Inspection: Safety and Service Needs

Service entails a multi-point inspection including the following items:

  • Professional test-drive and assessment.
  • Engine Control Systems check with scan tool and/or check for codes.
  • Brakes, including front & rear brakes, master and wheel cylinders.
  • Transmission and clutch.
  • Electrical system check: battery, charging system, and lights.
  • Suspension,steering linkage and axle bearings. Tire check and air-up.
  • Water-pump bearings and seal check. (Visible water pumps only.)
  • Cooling system visual check for leaks. Belt & hose condition check.
  • Vital fluids check and top off as necessary.
  • Cooling system: check antifreeze condition.
  • Hydraulic fluids: brake, clutch and power steering.
  • Transmission fluid and differential gear oil.
  • Consultation on inspection results.

Complimentary Vehicle Inspection