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Benefits of Changing your Oil


Exactly why is changing your motor oil within the time period suggested by Toyota so important? Changing your oil is probably one of the easiest services that you can have performed on your vehicle, however, most people make it the last thing on their busy to do list. Don’t be like everyone else by putting off having your oil changed. This simple process will benefit the life of your car greatly.

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The ANTIFREEZE Mystery Revealed


What types of ANTIFREEZE does Integrity Auto recommend for Toyota/Lexus/Scion? Different types of coolant: Red-colored, pink or green? The quick response:The best, most uncomplicated recommendation we can make is to use Toyota’s red, Long Life Coolant wherever specified, and their pink Super Long Life Coolant where it’s specified. On vehicles older than 1998, Toyota’s suggestions are very general.

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Toyota Parts versus Aftermarket Parts


Toyota makes good parts, and that’s what we want to use. Our biggest supplier of parts is a Toyota dealership. Our next biggest supplier is a company that sells us the same parts that were made by the original Toyota parts suppliers. The result is that the vast majority of the parts we use either come from Toyota direct (through a dealership) or from the original suppliers of the Toyota parts. To give you an example, Nippon makes Toyota’s fuel filters.

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Keep your Toyota Wheels Rolling True – [Alignment/Wheel Alignment ]


You drive your car day after day and you just adapt to how it steers, stops and accelerates. You may say to yourself “wheel alignment” my car drives and so what’s the big deal? Why should I care about wheel alignment? Eventually your tire’s wear gets to the point that you need to get them replaced. You spend some hard earned dollars and your vehicle gets some news shoes. But what happens when you drive your car for the first time is nothing short of astonishing.

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Protect Your Toyota, Lexus, & Scion Engine from “The Black Death”


Sludgy deposits in the engine oil usually occur as a result of one or more factors–long intervals between oil changes, and/or insufficient ventilation of the engine crankcase fumes. Once a little sludging occurs, it tends to restrict the vapor flow through the ventilation passages and promotes more rapid sludge build-up along with higher crankcase vapor pressure which results in increased oil consumption, increased oil leakage, and increased likelihood of visible smoke in the exhaust.

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Wheel Bearings and their importance to your safety


Wheel bearings perform a big role within the drivetrain of your automobile as a result of their role they provide the primary link between the moving and static regions of the vehicle. A control – within the most elementary type – is admittedly a friction reduction device positioned inside one thing like a wheel to help the effectiveness of rotation. this can be accomplished as rolling creates considerably less friction force than slidding. A vehicle’s wheel bearing performs this by utilizing small metal balls, these balls that appear between 2 circular rings of metal. beside grease, the bearing moves in-tandem whereas to facilitate the wheel’s turning, the rolling motion of the balls creating its potential for the wheel hub to show as unhampered as potential.

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How bad can my engine oil leak really be?


So your automobile is leaking a modest amount of oil. How big of a deal is that? Take a drive to the closest apartment complex you will notice oil spots in almost each and every parking spot. If everyone’s vehicle leaks oil, it mustn’t be an issue-right? Perhaps, but the price of driving with your car with very low oil levels and damaging your engine is substantial in comparison to the price of fixing the oil leaks.

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Is Flushing Your Toyota, Lexus, Scion Brake Fluid Really Necessary?


You have probably have heard and also been given this recommendation by your auto repair professional. “Your brake fluid is black and needs to be flushed” and you usually decline because you feel that your vehicle is braking and stopping just fine. That may be true, but overtime many factors will begin to affect your braking system.

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Tips for getting your Toyota, Lexus, Scion started on these cold winter morning


In the Pacific Northwest most of us rarely have to deal with extreme cold, but if you live in higher elevations or live in eastern Oregon or Washington getting your car started on these winter mornings can be a pain. When wintry weather conditions go from wonderful to frightening, it’s not easy to get oneself out the front door each morning. A whole lot worse, when you finally get out the door, your vehicle refuses to start! In case you haven’t developed a plan b for this possible scenario, what might you do to ensure that you get wherever you have to be on any given frosty winter morning?

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Toyota Owners: What Your Check Engine Light Is Trying To Tell You


The check engine light solely comes on once the vehicle’s computer believes there is an actual problem. The computer can provide a bother code that indicates either the condition that led to the code (like “Lean condition”) or the system that it believes to be functioning incorrectly (like “EGR flow insufficient”). Whether your vehicle may be a Toyota, Lexus or Scion, the very first thing you ought to do is check for a significant problem that needs immediate attention.

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