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Is a small leak with my Toyota-Lexus-Scion water pump, a big deal?

Recently I received a telephone call, the person stated that his water pump has a minor leak and was it a problem?

An effectively operating water pump is crucial to your engine's well-being. It circulates coolant through the motor in order to avoid damage from getting too hot. Additionally, it circulates coolant through the heater to supply heat and also to clear the windows of fog or ice. Loss in coolant from a leaking water pump seals could cause overheating and can lead to severe damage to your engine.

In some models a bad water pump bearing can harm the timing belt and make it break or derail. In other models, a worn out bearing makes it possible for the radiator fan to tip forward and cut a hole in the radiator. Any of these developments bring about extra expense and inconvenience to you. Due to the possibility of devastating damage to the engine due to failure, a failing water pump ought to be given high precedence for repair.


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How you can determine whether your push ought to be replaced:

  • Let your automobile to sit overnight, parked within a garage having a clean cement floor. If you cannot park it inside over a clean cement surface, place a section of light-colored card board underneath your car or truck directly beneath the motor.
  • Look at card board the next morning. If it appears to be wet from water, you've got a leak someplace, most likely with your water pump or even the gasket. You may notice green fluid on the card board, it's antifreeze. And that means you absolutely have a coolant leak someplace.
  • Look at the water pump pulley. Search for the round section of your water pump the belt is around. Make an effort to push the pulley backward and forward. If it looks loose, it often is time for you to get a new one since the bearing is certainly going bad.
  • Listen to your automobile. Start your car or truck's engine with the cover up. In the event you hear a low-pitched grinding sound, it may be an indication that the bearing is certainly going bad. You'll be able to hear it plainly if it's gone bad.
  • Look for leaks around the water pump and gasket. If you see droplets of water or possibly a small stream, you've got a leak.

Notice in the event the temperature warning light switches on. If your automobile isn't really getting adequate coolant because of a leak or defective waters tube, your automobile engine's temperature will in all probability increase, activating the warning light.

Notice in the event the low coolant light is glowing. This is often a sign that the coolant reservoir is leaking or that you have a bad water pump. An additional alternative is that you have a leak in the coolant system.

Give attention to your car or truck's air conditioner. When your fresh air refresher fail to work effectively, the water pump is probably not doing its job.


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