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We appreciate that so many of you take time to recommend us to others. It's obviously good for us; we believe it's good for your friends that you send to us, and we'd like it to be good for you as well. Please put your name in the "Recommended by" blank prior to printing the referral cards below so that we can acknowledge you. (Click here to see more benefits yet.)

For every qualified referral you send us:

We will mail you a $20 Transferable Referral Coupon for each customer you send us.


Thank you for your referrals, it means a lot to us when you entrust your family and friends to our care.

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Click to open a PDF of the image above and type in your name after Recommended By (all fields will be filled in) & then print out coupons to hand out or email them to your friends or family.


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Specialty Shops Are A Dying Breed

Many shops that have previously specialized in a single manufacturer's vehicles are now struggling to survive as specialists. Laws restricting access to Department of Motor Vehicles records have made it much more difficult to establish contact with new customers through direct mail. The result is that many shops that used to specialize in a single make of car have become general repair shops that "Specialize" in "All Japanese Imports", or perhaps even in "All Imports".

Why Is This A Problem?
General repair shops that try to work on all makes of cars simply aren't able to provide the level of expert service and judgement that most people want. This is because too often the shop is dealing with unfamiliar cars and the mechanics are chronically stuck in the early end of their learning curve.

Please Partner With Us
For nearly 19 years we've been servicing Toyota and Lexus products exclusively. We believe our specialized expertise allows us to serve you and your vehicles more competently. When you refer us to other Toyota/Lexus owners, the biggest benefit to you is that your referrals enable us to continue to focus on Toyota technology. As a result, we can continue to provide you and your cars with the high level of expertise and judgement that can only come through focused familiarity.

This is why we really appreciate your referrals. We hope that the service we provide is such that you continue to feel pleased to recommend us to others. Above are some referral cards that can be emailed to friends or printed up and given out in person. Either way please put your name on the back so that we can acknowledge you.

How To Email Referral Coupon:

  1. Click on Integrity Auto Referral Coupons graphic. (above)
  2. Type in your name in input field, this will put your name in all fields.
  3. Click File "Save As" and save document to your desktop.
  4. Open your email program and email to all your friends and family add file as an attachment.

Thank you for your participation, and thank you for your business!

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