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Powell Motors is our favorite Toyota - Lexus - Scion new and used car broker  

They sell new and used cars, trucks, vans, and suvs. Every used vehicle is inspected, completely serviced, and has a CARFAX® (vehicle title history) report.

I used to work for a shop that did pre-sale vehicle inspections and repairs on Toyotas for Powell Motors. I was strongly impressed at the time that with regard to putting vehicles in good repair prior to selling them, Powell Motors went way beyond anything I've ever seen in other used car dealers and brokers.



A car might come in with 54,000 miles on it, and they'd have us do a full 60,000-mile service on it with timing belt and most all of the fluids included. They don't just do "eye-wash" stuff like putting Armor-All on the tires--they perform substantial services on the Toyotas, Lexus, Scions, and other vehicles they are preparing for sale. As a result of this, their refurbished vehicles are sometimes more expensive, but certainly a better value due to their quality control and reconditioning. Ask, and they will be happy to show you their records of inspection and repair.

In addition to this, I've never had the impression that they would manipulate or pressure people to buy from them, and I was completely comfortable to send my own mother to purchase a car from them some years ago.

Finally, as new/used car brokers, they can sell you new cars, any make or any model, and include dealer financing, rebates, and incentives! My impression is that unless you're a pretty aggressive negotiator, you'll probably pay less to them even with their brokerage fee than you would have direct to the dealer. Some time ago, I had a Toyota customer tell me he was about to buy a new truck from a dealer, and that he was getting a special "friend's deal" with prices at the level of if he were buying for a fleet purchasing agency. I suggested that he might want to call up Powell Motors "just to check whether he was getting such a good deal." Powell motors has a flat brokerage fee, and without any knowledge that they were competing with another company for a "special friend's-deal price" they under quoted the dealer by $200.

Although they sell all kinds of makes and models of vehicles, I feel especially pleased and comfortable to send anyone looking to purchase a new or used Toyota, Lexus, or Scion to Powell Motors.

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