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Auto Repair in Portland, OR with Integrity Auto Inc.

Auto Repair in Portland, OR with Integrity Auto Inc.

Whether it’s time for routine services – major or minor – or for emergency auto repairs, Portland relies on Integrity Auto Inc to get the job done right the first time. In order to provide you with the most expert service available, our experienced car mechanics are specialists who exclusively service and repair Toyota, Lexus, Subaru and Honda.  We can schedule minor and major auto repairs, and offer free loaner cars with the proper arrangements – all you need is a valid driver’s license and proof of current auto insurance. (We just ask that you return the loaner car freshly filled with gas.) We also have after-hour towing available through Integrity Towing/Don Ranes.

From Tune-Ups & Oil Changes to Emission Testing & Repairs

Our shop provides factory-recommended maintenance. Below, you’ll find an extensive alphabetical listing of many auto services and repairs we offer, along with links to informative discussions. The discussions are intended to serve as a useful resource to help you get some basic orientation on various car-related issues. These consumer tips can make you more aware of symptoms to watch out for and the possible consequences of any of these parts or systems failing, with the desired outcome being that you will make more informed decisions about your car care.

Understanding the Three Basic Types of Auto Repair
Auto service and repairs generally fall into three basic categories and approaches:

  • Preventative Maintenance – Routine preventative maintenance is done based on mileage or the duration of time in-between service appointments. This type of auto service prevents undue wear-and-tear and loss of performance and maximizes the life of your vehicle.
  • Preemptive Auto Repairs – These are the type of auto repairs that are performed preemptively to replace parts that are worn or are showing signs of failure but haven’t failed entirely yet.
  • Failed Part/Necessary Auto Repairs – These auto repairs are performed due to a failed part that’s no longer functioning, impacting your safety and your vehicle’s performance.

Most of us have finite sources of money, but infinite ways in which it can be spent – so we often have to establish some sort of priority as to which needs we address first.

Part failures fall into several categories, listed in descending order of priority below:

  • Safety: The failed part may compromise your safety. This type of failure is always our highest priority.
  • Damage contagious: The failed part may result in accelerated wear and damage to related parts, resulting in increased repair costs if neglected.
  • Performance: It may result in decreased efficiency and/or performance.
  • Aesthetics and Creature Comforts: It may simply be a nuisance and/or decrease either your comfort or the pleasure of your driving experience.

Some failures that are often thought of as a matter of mere inconvenience may at times become unsafe and put the driver and passengers directly in harm’s way. For instance, with most early Toyotas, the engine isn’t damaged if the timing belt breaks, and the car doesn’t suddenly react in some unsafe manner. However, when a timing belt does break, your engine quits directly. If it breaks when you’re in traffic, it may cause you to be hit by another vehicle if you’re not able to coast out of their way. Or, alternatively, it could put you in a vulnerable position if it were to die at night in some remote area or in the wrong part of town.

It’s not uncommon to be asked if some sort of preventative maintenance or repair “has to be done.” It never seems quite the right question, because while there are very few things that we absolutely “have to do,” there remain quite a few things that would be prudent and would serve our long-term interests to do. Many things in life aren’t urgent – they are simply important. But because they aren’t urgent, we must make deliberate decisions to take action in a timely manner before what was simply important becomes a crisis due to inattention.

For most services and repairs, when you look at the continuum that stretches from brand new to absolutely broken and won’t run anymore, it’s difficult to pick an exact point along that line and say “if you don’t perform this service today it’s going to create a problem for you tomorrow.” So, rather than that, standards are established whereby fluids and other items (like spark plugs) are recommended to serve their purposes for some predetermined number of miles, and then they are replaced preemptively.

The intent is to strike a useful balance between replacing things too soon – where they’re still like new – and too late – where they’ve failed and/or are damaging other components. On a personal note, nearly 40-years ago my wife and I got stranded on our honeymoon with car problems. An axle bearing failed, which then caused our brakes to fail. We were lucky it didn’t fail as we were crossing over the coast range at nighttime during the middle of a heavy rainstorm. We survived without any mishap other than the inconvenience and extra costs incurred, but a little forethought on my part could have saved us a lot of trouble and greatly reduced our risk.

The timely maintenance you give to your car can enable it to give you years of pleasant and reliable service. At Integrity Auto, we take your concerns to heart and strive to assure that your car is not only safe and reliable, but that it’s a pleasure to drive as well. If you have any questions or concerns, call us at 503-505-9478 or email us at

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Toyota, Lexus, Scion Service & Repair Shop Portland, OR - Schedule Appoinntment
Toyota, Lexus, Scion Service & Repair Shop Portland, OR - Schedule Appoinntment
Toyota, Lexus, Scion Service & Repair Shop Portland, OR - Schedule Appoinntment
Toyota, Lexus, Scion Service & Repair Shop Portland, OR - Schedule Appoinntment
Toyota, Lexus, Scion Service & Repair Shop Portland, OR - Schedule Appoinntment

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