In the Pacific Northwest most of us rarely have to deal with extreme cold, but if you live in higher elevations or live in eastern Oregon or Washington getting your car started on these winter mornings can be a pain.

When wintry weather conditions go from wonderful to frightening, it’s not easy to get oneself out the front door each morning. A whole lot worse, when you finally get out the door, your vehicle refuses to start! In case you haven’t developed a plan b for this possible scenario, what might you do to ensure that you get wherever you have to be on any given frosty winter morning?

Consider the reasons your vehicle may not start.,

The motor oil may very well be too thick. Engine oil will get sluggish in cold temperatures, which makes it harder to work throughout the engine block. This will place a strain on the battery, and keep your car from starting.

There may be an obstruction inside the fuel lines. This tends to occur when moisture gets into the fuel lines and freezes.

Should you drive an older car, the problem could possibly be your carburetor. Carburetors have small nozzles that can get easily plugged, keeping moisture from evaporating and leading to the ice to build up, which may keep your vehicle from starting. If the vehicle is less than Twenty years old, though, you most likely don’t have a carburetor.

Now that you understand the reasons your vehicle might not be starting, what might you do to get it running? You might be able to start the vehicle simply by being a little bit patient and giving it a couple of tries. Shut down everything electrical, then attempt to crank the vehicle. If it doesn’t catch right away, crank it for a couple of seconds, but take care not to overheat your starter. In the event the initial try does not work, wait a couple of minutes and try again: the initial attempt could possibly have loosened things up enough to make it operate the 2nd time. If everything else fails, though, it might be time for a jump start.

The ultimate way to avoid getting stuck on a winter morning is to take a few steps in advance to avoid it. Keep your vehicle warm, either by keeping it inside a garage or by utilizing an engine block heater. Use the proper oil, examining your vehicle’s manual to find out which oil that would be. You could also speak to your auto mechanic about using some form of fuel conditioner which will keep your lines from very cold. Needless to say, keeping the vehicle properly maintained by a professional is the easiest method to make certain it starts when it’s expected to, regardless of the season.

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