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Toyota-Lexus-Scion Tune & Tune Checks

People have an incredibly wide range of perceptions as to what a tune-up entails.

Both among consumers and shops, this range includes everything from the most minimal possible of simply replacing the spark plugs, on out to include spark plugs and filters and a full major 60k or 90k service with all the fluids being changed and the timing belt replaced also.

The following tune description is a composite description that describes tune procedures for vehicles with several generations of developments, including:

  • Carbureted and fuel injected. Those with vacuum advance and mechanical advance and those that have electronically controlled timing.
  • Ignition systems with distributors and distributorless ignition systems with ignition coils directly over the spark plugs.
  • Vehicles with no onboard diagnostics built in; vehicles with first-generation onboard diagnostics that are accessed through jumper wires and blinking-light codes; and vehicles with second-generation diagnostics that are accessed through full computer hook-up.

Our composite working definition is below:

  • Test drive before beginning
  • Scan test if OBII (onboard diagnostics 2nd generation)
  • Scope check those that allow standard inductive hook-up to secondary ignition
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace air filter if dirty, and the fuel filter for carbureted models
  • Full voltage test of rotor (those that allow standard inductive hook-up)
  • Wet test cap & wires for voltage leaks. Check insulators for leakage where they pass through spark plug tubes.
  • Manually check high-tension connections at coil and cap for corrosion
  • Note whether cap, rotor & wires are factory or aftermarket
  • Clean top surface of coil (coil-in-cap models)
  • Check and adjust timing when applicable
  • Does jumper connection cause timing to change?
  • Verify that TPS contacts are engaging. If necessary, bypass to set timing. (Bottom two terminals on most) Mechanical advance free?

Vacuum advancer:

  • Diaphragms not ruptured?
  • Able to move breaker plate?
  • Gets proper vacuum signal?

Check EGR system.

  • Does EGR valve get vacuum signal?
  • Does EGR kill engine or cause a significant rpm drop at idle

O2 sensor

  • Cycles back and forth quickly?
  • Operates over full range when made lean and rich?


  • Check whether throttle valve sticks in throttle body.
  • Adjust idle speed when appropriate. Emphasize smooth idle & not dieseling over exact rpm specs.
  • Carbureted: Clean and lubricate choke
  • Some carbureted: Drill & adjust mixture (only on accessible carbs) when exhibiting lean idle condition.
  • Cleaner and penetrating oil through auxiliary air regulator
  • Compression check if engine running suggests problem Quick check emissions if:

Car approaching license renewal date
Symptoms suggest emission reading could give useful diagnostic information

Check fluids in engine compartment
Test drive again after work completed

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