Integrity Auto Toyota Repair Shop Transaction Fees

Explanation of aggregate environmental/shop supply/equipment/consultation/transaction fee:

Having evaluated our costs of doing business versus the charges made to customers, we have decided to implement a blanket transaction fee in order to cover some of the hidden costs of doing business (see below) that usually do not end up being passed on to customers as line-item parts and labor charges.

It will serve both to cover ongoing everyday costs of doing business and act as a capital investment toward our future ability to serve you by funding training and the purchase of new equipment as required by new technologies. This fee will be calculated at 5% of the total transaction, rounded to the nearest dollar.

Fee will be quoted up front as a component part of each job. Currently we will cap the fee at $45 for transactions of $900 or more. We project that the average charge for this will be $16. One advantage (for the customer) of this approach over simply increasing our labor rate is that the fee is capped whereas the labor on large jobs isn't.

Information/intellectual supplies:
  • Consultation time spent with customers (often extensive)
  • Technical web-site information access (bought by subscription from Toyota and from International Automotive Technicians Network, and Identifix.)
Quality Toyota Products

Ongoing employee training:

  • Shop manuals (often from $300-$400 per model per year, or nearly $7000 to purchase the entire set of books for a given year)
  • Environmental fees/proper disposal of hazardous materials and industrial wastes
  • Oil filters & Waste oil
  • Waste antifreeze
  • Acid/lead batteries
  • Parts cleaner wastes
  • Dumpster disposal
Shop supplies:
  • Abrasive cleaning pads and cutting discs
  • Various chemicals, carburetor cleaner, brake cleaner, glass cleaner, hand cleaner, sealants, bearing grease, spray lubricants, etc
  • When topping off small amounts: brake fluid, oil, transmission fluid, and antifreeze.
  • Nuts, bolts, screws, washers, wires, electrical connectors, solder, electrical tie straps & tape

Toyota repair tools and equipment

Delivery fees:

  • Parts vendor's delivery fees & courier costs
Laundry & janitorial (helps enable us keep customer's cars clean):
  • Uniforms
  • Protective nitrile gloves
  • Fender covers
  • Wiping cloths & shop rags
  • Floor mats
  • Laundry company's environmental fees to us
  • Janitorial supplies and cleaning charges

ASE Certified Technicians


  • Security agency monitors premises in order to secure your property and the business's during non-working hours.
  • Insurance
Equipment purchase & maintenance in support of effective customer service:
  • Shop diagnostic scope and 4-gas exhaust emissions analyzer
  • Scan tool (Hand held computer interacts with vehicle's onboard computer. Requires software updates purchased annually.)
  • Multi system automotive lab scope
  • Parts washers, air compressor, and hydraulic press
  • Computers, software, printers, and office supplies
  • Floor cleaning machine & related supplies
  • Vehicle hoists, engine hoists and transmission jacks
  • Brake lathes, flywheel grinders, combination grinder/wire wheel, drills,
  • Wire feed welder & welding supplies, propane, oxygen & acetylene along with tank/torch set-up & rented tanks.
  • Too many hand held special tools to list. (Pullers, drivers, meters, gauges, etc)


  • Standard utilities: electricity, phone, garbage, water, sewer, and city storm water runoff costs.

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