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Integrity Auto: Independent Toyota, Lexus, & Scion Specialists Appreciates Your Reviews

Reviews & Testimonials are truly the benchmark of any business. They give an accurate account of an individual's  experience with that business. So we have a favor to ask of you, that you would go to any of the links below and write a brief review of the products and services that we provided for your automobile. 

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Click here to read some testimonials from the people we work for. We work for some good-hearted people. I've often thought that if I had to form an opinion of the world strictly from my view over the counter, it would be easy to think that the world was largely populated by decent, honest, likable people and maybe it largely is after all.

When people give us generous words like these, it makes us want to live up to the positive picture they've painted all the more. Thank you to all those who have contributed or will contribute to this page.

Note: A small number of these letters describe situations that involved errors on our part. I feel kind of funny about including these; like anyone, I prefer to put my best foot forward and it seems to run contrary to conventional wisdom to advertise that we've ever made a mistake. However, sometimes as relationships are forged, their character is best revealed in the midst of resolving an unanticipated problem. In the several letters that refer to situations of this sort, I have included them, along with a note of explanation, because I believe they have been a useful part of our learning process, and they serve to illustrate a healthy, fair-minded, customer-oriented approach to resolving unanticipated problems. Fortunately for us, an extraordinarily high level of shared trust has characterized our relationships with our customers, and they have been fair-minded in their dealings with us as well.


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